Hey, this is Joe White, president of F.I.R.E.

I don’t want to talk about Black Friday and the bombardment of ads and sales that most seem too good to be true.

I would rather talk to you about an opportunity. An opportunity for you that doesn’t come around often.

Let’s Call it Firewalk Extravaganza.

I have witnessed and seen the power and transformation of Firewalking.

Watching people overcome their fear, let go of the past, and discover their confidence and power. There is nothing like it.

Our Firewalk Instructor Training (FIT) is a perfect opportunity for any coach, speaker, healer, or trainer seeking to find new ways to transform their clients and create new revenue streams.

You will participate, learn to lead a group, and be certified in Firewalking, Glasswalking, Arrow Snapping, Rebar Bend, Board and Brick Breaking, and more!!

Not a coach?

Not a worry; 30% of all individuals who attend FIT are NOT a coach and come for the challenge and transformation. If you are looking for an “experience” to reset or ignite your life’s plan. FIT is it!!

Now for the good news…

F.I.R.E’s Black Friday


Since we all know firewalking is even better with your life or business partner, we offer a BUY ONE TICKET AND GET THE SECOND TICKET 1/2 OFF!!

My team thought I was off my rocker when I revealed this to them.

Not only do you SAVE $1249.50 on the second ticket, PLUS you are guaranteed 2022 pricing!!

In 2023 FIT Tuition moves to $2999.

My team said that if this doesn’t get someone who is on the fence to join the Firewalking Tribe, nothing will!

And, BOTH individuals receive the FULL FIT SCHOLARSHIP with FREE Repeat.

And you can wait to pick your location and date