Are you looking for a unique corporate team-building activity? We know corporations want to find fun, engaging, and meaningful ways for their employees to connect at corporate seminars. One of the best team building exercises for corporate seminars is firewalking. Keep reading to learn more about why corporate firewalking is a great option for your next seminar or retreat. 

1. Firewalking Gets People Out of Their Comfort Zones

Growth doesn’t exist in the same space as comfort. Extreme corporate team building exercises challenge your employees, and few things are more challenging than firewalking. Initially, when we host corporate firewalking seminars, participants push back because the experience is scary and new. Yet, nearly all participants express their awe and gratitude after walking over the coals and walk away with a renewed sense of self. 

2. Firewalking Encourages Self-Awareness

Observing feelings and emotions serve our clients well. Too often, we find ourselves on auto-pilot and moving through life without truly examining how we feel. When facing a physical and psychological challenge like firewalking, we’re forced to face our emotions whether it’s fear, excitement, awe, or any other emotion. 

3. Corporate Team Building Is About Taking Responsibility

Corporate team building activities aren’t just about acting like one but about taking responsibility for individual actions. Whether one chooses to complete the firewalk or merely watch, one must own the decision and its consequences. 

4. Firewalking Is a Team Building Exercise that Builds Camaraderie

People who participate in corporate seminars that feature firewalking have a mixture of feelings. Some participants are gung-ho about the experience while others express fear and uncertainty. We find that firewalking is a wonderful way for employees to build camaraderie and bond through the encouragement and support of each other. Whether the firewalk is done individually or in a group, everyone is supporting each other. 

5. Firewalking Puts Fear Into Perspective

We find that many corporate seminars aim to help their employees move past fear, especially fear of making the wrong decision. Fear in the workspace makes it difficult to take calculated risks that move the company forward. Challenges like firewalking help people put their fears into perspective, helping them understand the difference between imagined fear and reality. 

What If My Employees Don’t Want to Walk Across the Fire Bed?

Whether an employee chooses to walk across the bed or not, the experience is still transformational. We find that the sheer act of watching someone else is empowering. Often, people watch their more adventurous teammates finish the challenge before they become comfortable removing their footwear and walking across the bed themselves. There’s no right or wrong way to participate in a firewalking challenge. 

Is your company ready to learn more about hosting a corporate Firewalking event? Contact The Firewalking Institute of Research and Education (F.I.R.E.). Our team is excited to speak with you about the benefits of firewalking and why it’s one of the best teams building exercises for corporate seminars. Visit us online to learn more about corporate firewalking. 

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