One of the things we love about our Firewalk Instructor Training is the remarkable transformation and healing that firewalking and the other elements bring to individuals and businesses across the globe. 

If you’re one of the people who want to change lives but don’t know how you can achieve it or where to begin, this post is for you. Here are 5 things we love about our Firewalk Instructor Training and how we can all benefit from it. 

5 Things to Love about our Firewalk Instructor Training 

  1. We are blessed to chat with individuals from around the globe. They share with us their aspirations and the fire burning inside to transform lives. We are proud to say we are changing lives around the globe – one step at a time. 
  1. Many individuals we meet are committed to being a force for good and they’re looking for a way to impact those in need.  
  2. Thanks to FIT, in only four days; you can have a profitable new vocation that also empowers others and serves humanity. 
  3. Each activity in our training pushes you more and challenges you greater. Whether it’s firewalking, board and brick breaking, snapping arrows or bending rebar with your throat, you will learn just how much you’re capable of. 
  1. For many people firewalking is a life changing metaphor of overcoming the fears and barriers that get in the way of our dreams.  

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