Corporate firewalking is an excellent team building exercise for corporations and businesses. A firewalking experience is unforgettable. Your employees will be talking about it for months down the road. If not years!

Many of the larger well-known corporations such as Google, Heineken, Coca Cola and Microsoft, regularly have firewalking seminars for their employees. As a motivational and empowering exercise, nothing else can really match a firewalking experience.



As you can imagine, firewalking is an intense emotionally shared experience that can create a powerful bond for those who experience it together. It is truly transformational, as it teaches the power of the mind and the effect thoughts, biases and beliefs have in stymieing growth.

Dancing with fire teaches us how to utilize fear as an opportunity for transforming that fear into a powerful ally. The entire firewalking experience allows groups to bond in a more lasting and invigorating way. There are individual breakthroughs that happen when team members encourage each other to trust their instincts and ultimately transform and create lasting change.


Many corporate firewalking seminars result in a lasting change carried over to the office place. The shared experience of conquering fears and sense of accomplishment leads to a comradery and better communications among your organization’s leadership. Breaking through barriers to better empower, inspire and motivate your employees is a priceless investment.

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