Being a firewalk instructor is thrilling. Not only do you get to face your own fears, but you get to help other people face theirs and experience their own personal growth. Do you have what it takes?

Firewalk instructor training (or F.I.T.) will help you on your journey, but training isn’t enough to make you the best firewalking instructor around. We’re here to talk about how you can determine whether or not you’d be a great instructor for wannabe firewalkers.

Read on to learn more. 

Are You Ready for Extreme Personal Growth? 

Firewalking isn’t for the faint of heart. After your first time walking over the embers, you’ll realize that you’ve reached a new and powerful milestone. Your growth starts there.

Many firewalking instructors have experience in other “extreme” activities. They may be adrenaline chasers, extreme sports lovers, or even people who go above and beyond to learn new things and try new experiences because they lust for life. 

By becoming a firewalking instructor, you’ll get to continue growing and changing. Sure, you’re the one who’s instructing and guiding others, but you’ll also learn about your own power.

The more you learn, the better that you’ll be able to instruct people on their personal journies toward growth. 

Do You Have a Calling to Help and Empower Others?

Aside from extreme adrenaline chasers, other common career paths that firewalking instructors come from include “helping careers.” They may love empowering people through self-help seminars, personal training, coaching, and even counseling.

These people have a calling, and that calling is to help and empower others to reach their full potential. They’re both motivated and motivating, and they know how to push people to their limits without being aggressive. Instead, they support people and guide them through their firewalking journies without applying force. 

Are You Ready to Start Intensive Firewalking Instructor Training?

Perhaps the most obvious way to determine whether or not you have what it takes to be a firewalking instructor is to start a training course and see if you’re able to “cut it.” 

Once you’ve firewalked for your own benefit, the firewalking instructor training course should be a breeze. After all, you now know your power. Nothing is standing between you and your goal. 

This isn’t conventional training. It’s experiential. You “learn” by going through more stages of your personal firewalking journey. 

You’ll learn how to break through limiting beliefs and tell other people how to do so. You’ll learn the power of focus and the ability to take risks (and how that ability will strengthen you). You’ll metamorphose into someone who’s ready to guide others. 

Does this sound like something that you’re ready for?

Start your Firewalking Instructor Training Today

If all of these things sound familiar to you, you might be ready for firewalking instructor training. You’re ready to learn how to guide other people through their journeys of self-discovery through the power of firewalking. 

At F.I.R.E., we aim to provide training to anyone who feels ready to take on the challenge. Start your firewalking instructor training today to start empowering yourself and others.

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