Stephanie Boyd is a FIRE Graduate who now has her own life coaching practice in San Diego, CA. Thanks to her firewalking journey, she is now able to help women who have been diagnosed with herpes. Empowering women to feel more confident is something she is very proud of and she attributes her success to the tools learned at the Fire Institute. 

Stephanie started her firewalking journey with the Get Life Coaching program called Ultimate Breaking Through The Barrier where she had to walk on fire right in the beginning of the seminar. She admitted to feeling a bit anxious then, however, the reassurance and empowerment from the team is what got her through it. Once on the other side, Stephanie felt like a whole new person and thought: “Damn, if I can do that, what can’t I do?” 

After that transforming experience, Stephanie decided to become a Certified Fire Instructor to better serve her community and make others feel more empowered. FIT, Firewalk Instructor Training, is when she got another breakthrough. After four solid days of firewalking, board and brick breaking, snapping arrows and bending rebar with your throat, she knew she can do anything she puts her mind to. 

Want to learn more about what firewalking can do for you? We invite you to tune into our conversation on the Firestarter Podcast where Stephanie shares more on her life changing experience and personal development.

FIRE Graduate Stephanie Boyd on Her Firewalking Journey

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Are you ready to dig deep and pull out the stops? Attain any goals you set for yourself? How about adding some unique and life changing skills to your coaching practice? Whether you want to learn these amazing transformational skills for yourself or your clients, we can help!  

Our Firewalk Instructor Training (FIT) is filled with activities that will push you more, challenge you greater, until the very end when you will walk 108 firewalks in a row! Since it is a certification training, you will not only participate in the activities, but you will also learn how to safely and confidently facilitate them to anyone. Our Master Firewalk Instructors, who are the world’s best trained in the science and art of firewalking, will lead you, train you and guide you the entire four days and beyond. 

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