Let’s cut to the chase. The last few years have derailed a lot of life’s plans.

We have had to take a step back from your career, relationships, travels, and general lifestyle. And regardless of how we feel about what is coming up, we need to remember one fact.

The setback leads to the comeback.

For over 22 years since I founded Get Life Coaching, I have witnessed all sorts of remarkable comebacks. Included on that list of comebacks is me. Three years ago, through a series of life challenges, I had found myself in a seemingly impossible hole. Even my two closest friends said it was time to call it quits. That it was a nice run, but the writing was on the wall. With only $300 in my bank account and thousands of dollars in debt, I turned my desperation into inspiration. In those three years, we have gone from almost broke to tripling our revenue and thriving. 

So do you find yourself ready for your comeback? Here are seven beliefs that have served me and may serve you.

1) The past doesn’t equal the future. No matter what has happened in the past, this is a new moment with the opportunity of new life-changing decisions.

2) Setbacks don’t define you. Yea, I know this is hard to believe when you are in the thick of it, but it is true. Who you are is greater than any challenge or setback. 

3) There is always a way. One of my most favorite beliefs and has served me well. I know there is a solution. I just can’t quit before I find it.

4) You gotta have faith. Yes, a George Michael song, but whether you draw your faith from God, the Universe, or just life. It would be best if you believed that you could turn it around even though the evidence may not be right in front of you yet.

5) Never operate in FEAR. Another tough one, but fear is a choice that causes us to make poor decisions. Never make decisions that are based on fear. 

6) Never settle. Sometimes settling seems easier. You think it will get you out of pain. I was so close to settling, but I realized if I did, I would regret it forever.

7) Ask for help. Pride is a bitter pill to swallow. We want to believe we can do it on our own. Maybe we can; perhaps we can’t. But when the walls are coming down, you have to ask yourself what is more important, your pride or your comeback. Somedays, you can’t have both.

I am so glad; I listened to my inner voice and to the faith that told me not to settle and give up. I look back now, and I realized that very often, the worse of times brings out the very best in us.

As Winston Churchill said, “If you are going through hell, keep going.”

Create your comeback today.

Until next month…

Rattle The Cage,