Business is changing; people are working from home, stress levels are higher, there are labor shortages and so much more effecting businesses everywhere. These all make it hard for a team to work together properly and efficiently. Team building is an often overlooked aspect within the work place but it really does a lot of good for communication, productivity and relationships.

While fire walking may not be the usual team-building experience, it can transform and empower teams. Whether you own a small business or a Fortune 500 company, our Corporate Firewalks are a great team building opportunity and here is why.

1. Pushes people out of their comfort zones

While you want employees to be comfortable within the workplace, challenging them as team to leave their comfort zones can be a bonding activity. Doing something outside of comfort zones also builds confidence. A team that is more confident in their abilities is more likely to push themselves and create a better end product.

2. It builds relationships

With many people working from home, others in offices, and many on hybrid schedules – it is hard to build relationships through a computer screen. A fire walking event can help to build relationships by not only having everyone gathered together, but also by bonding over a shared experience. Firewalking is also about overcoming fear. When you can overcome this fear you can work together as a team and make calculated risks that can bring your business further success.

3. It breaks barriers

Workplaces are filled with barriers both physical and figurative. Firewalking allows teams to break down these barriers and create a more integrated team. Firewalking also breaks the barrier between an individual and fear – and overcoming fear is a great way to unleash potential.

The team from It Works! Global said the fire walk experience did just what they needed it to do, “we needed to feel empowered on a whole other level, and we needed a breakthrough. And you know what. We are experiencing both”.

If you want to see results for your team like the team from ItWorks, fill out our contact form today so we can keep your team moving forward together.

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