For over 22 years, I have made more than my fair share of mistakes in business as a life coach, corporate trainer, and of course, Master Firewalk instructor. 

The good news is that after many years of frustration and a lot, I mean a lot of money and time to figure out what doesn’t work. Fortunately, I have been able to learn what does work. With that wisdom assisting those who graduate from FIT has been one of my most important goals. This is why we added our Get Your To Launch Business launch program, graphic design package, and marketing and selling training to our FIT Scholarship package. 

So why do so many life coaches fail to make enough money to become a full-time business?

Well, it is not a lack of heart or desire, BUT there are real reasons. 

Mindset. The mindset of an entrepreneur is not the same as the life coach, healer, or firewalk instructor. I remember my first firewalk with Anthony Robbins. I instantly knew that this is something I wanted to offer to my clients, so I attended FIT and became certified. It seems easy enough. I was a massive believer in firewalking as a tool of transformation but finding a way to convey to potential clients wasn’t easy. Just because I loved the idea did not mean others would line up at the door or click on an ad to enroll. I had to look at it as an entrepreneur and a marketer. Most people are unconsciously incompetent when it comes to firewalking. I had to educate them on how it could change their lives forever. 

The coach and healer in us want to help people. It is in our DNA. We tend to believe that if we help enough people, then our business will flourish; this is a flawed strategy.

But the entrepreneur focuses on the business side. This thing is called PROFIT. Revenue is what you get; profit is what you keep.

I have to admit, as a life coach and as a trainer, I struggled here. Asking for more money just felt wrong. It was like I was doing something dirty. I was asking for money to help people. 

One day, my breakthrough came when I realized that I got trapped into an artist mindset where all that matters is the art. But, there is a phrase called “Starving Artist” for a reason. When I realized if I lived more as an entrepreneur, the artist would have an even bigger canvas to paint on—a win/win. 

As a life coach, healer, or trainer, you must devote time to learning how to run a business. I know your numbers, understand marketing and sales. This is the foundation that your business and legacy will be built on.

Building a sustainable business is hard at any time and in any industry, but it is possible when you are smart. 

The book that changed my thinking was E- Myth by Michael Gerber. Read it! And while you are at it reread Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill. 

You have so much to offer, and the world needs your gifts. Remember, mission without cash flow will leave you stranded on a highway, broken down with no one coming. 

Be the coach. Be the healer. Become the entrepreneur!