Have you ever had the urge to help others achieve greatness? Or perhaps, you work in an industry that already allows you to do so, but interested in taking it to that next level? Or, do you just want to see what you’re really made of? We have what you’ve been searching for. You my friend, should be become a Firewalking Instructor.

Our Firewalk Instructor Training (FIT) isn’t just about Firewalking. It’s about participating in trials and exercises that you can learn and then teach to others to help inspire them in amazing ways. Keep reading to see why YOU need to become a Firewalking Instructor.

Empower Yourself

This training is about leveling up. Create personal empowerment by pushing yourself to your limits and seeing what you are truly able to accomplish. Becoming a Firewalking Instructor empowers you to be better than you were before. Investing in yourself by taking the time and energy to do this training speaks worlds as it is. 

Prepare to meet the upgraded version of yourself after this training. Each activity challenges you and ignites your personal development further and further, until the very end when you will walk 108 Firewalks in a row!

Empower Others

FIT is not only an immersive experience for yourself, it is a highly regarded certification to teach others the exact practices you will learn. During your certification, you will not only participate in the activities, but you will learn how to safely and confidently facilitate them to anyone. 

The workshops you will be able to teach to others from FIT will help empower them to become more resilient, capable humans that exert confidence and optimism. Chiropractors, salespeople, corporate trainers, meeting planners, spiritual leaders and motivational speakers, in particular, have found this course to be invaluable.

Income Source

After FIT, you will have all of the skills necessary to generate additional income while helping people at the same time. Whether you are a speaker, a corporate trainer, a life coach or just an individual that wants to get to the next level, this course is one you simply cannot afford to miss. This in-depth program will teach you everything you need to know to enhance your current program or life and get it running more efficiently than ever before.

Networking & Business

F.I.R.E is about our tribe. A global community. It is important to continue your relationships and learning after your graduation. It is equally important for those who are coaches and trainers to be able to successfully market and sell their events. 

To help you grow your business there is a monthly Master’s Marketing Call, a webinar that will teach you proven techniques to market and close sales for your events.

What You Will Learn

In our Firewalk Instructor Training, you aren’t simply learning how to Firewalk, you are going to be diving into a plethora of workshops and exercises that will help you and others become the best versions of yourselves. 

Firewalking Instructor Workshops Include:

  • Team Building
  • Advanced Goal Setting
  • Eliminating Limiting Beliefs
  • Breaking Through Fear
  • Overcoming Obstacles & Barriers
  • The Power of Focus
  • Create Your Own Reality

Firewalking Instructor Exercises Include:

  • Firewalking
  • Walking on Broken Glass (Barefoot!)
  • Bare-Handed Board Breaking
  • Bare-Handed Brick Breaking
  • Arrow Breaking with your Throat
  • Steel Bar Bending with your Throat
  • FIRE Breathwork
  • Low Ropes Courses

Ensuring Your Confidence as a Firewalking Instructor

At F.I.R.E we are committed to you to ensure you are the best Firewalk Instructor. We understand that when you begin to conduct Firewalks and seminars that there is a lot going through your mind. To ensure that you not only create the most amazing and transformative events but also the safest events, we have started the FIT Mentoring Program. 

For your first year, you will be paired with a Master Instructor or a high level Executive Firewalk Instructor to develop a personal relationship with so you can ask any questions or use suggestions as you begin your journey. No need to go through social media groups and hope you get your answers. Also included is one FIT repeat pass, good up to one year for you to return and deepen your skills.

What are you waiting for? Enroll in our upcoming Firewalking Instructor Training happening on November 10th-13th, 2021! This FIT is led by Master Firewalk Instructor Joe White.

Firewalking Institute of Research and Education

Looking to join the millions of people who have safely accomplished firewalking?

Firewalking Institute of Research and Education can fully customize your event, from one hour to a full day. We can align our messages and activities to match your unique messaging. Looking for an end of retreat experience? We can do that too. 

For more information regarding our customized seminar formats call us at (302) 353-1444 or SIGN UP NOW

We look forward to working with you to develop a specialized seminar that will meet your particular needs. Firewalking | www.Firewalking.com | 302-353-1444