As the world deals with the recovery of the COVID-19 pandemic, we at FIRE are getting back on our feet doing what we do best. Training the world’s best firewalk and empowerment trainers. 

This means we have a very busy schedule for the remainder of the year for our Firewalk Instructor Trainings (FIT) and Executive Firewalk Instructor Trainings (EFIT) around the world. 


FIT is our certification for those who desire to conduct firewalk and empowerment events. In addition, you become certified to conduct: firewalk, glasswalk, arrow snap, rebar bend, board and brick breaks, low ropes and more. If you are a coach, trainer, speaker, or healer and you are looking to add firewalking and other transformational elements into your events, then the FIT Info Webinar is perfect for you. You can exoect a genuine conversation with no “buy now” pressure.


This camp is for those who have already completed FIT and desire to become a Master Firewalk Instructor and conduct their own FITs. EFIT is a world class speaker’s camp where you can learn how to command the stage, deliver powerful presentations, and sell and close from the stage. 

Over the past few months, we have been getting tons of questions and inquiries from true change agents who are ready to impact even more lives. This is why we are conducting two interactive webinars for both our FIT and EFIT dates. Each webinar will be:

  • Hosted by FIRE Co-President Master Instructor – Joe White
  • Run about 30/45 minutes in length
  • Include a Q&A session
  • Presented in English

FIT Info Webinar – August 20, 7 pm ET
Registration Link –

EFIT Info Webinar – August 20, 8 pm ET
Registration Link –

Come and join us for an informative conversation about what the Firewalk Instructor Training Certification is all about. Hosted by Master Firewalk Instructor and Co-President of F.I.R.E – Joe White.

Plus, learn about our 2020 bonuses of free repeats and free membership to the International Firewalk Federation, and more all from the Home of Firewaking the Firewalk Institute of Research and Education.

Enroll today. Spaces are limited!

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