It was about 5 years ago when Joe White, Co-President of F.I.R.E. ,turned (now coach himself) Carl Logrecco into firewalking. Today, Carl can’t get enough of it.

In the recent conversation on the Firestarter Podcast, Carl shared with Joe that ever since he went through the FIT and EFIT experience, he’s been speaking his truth as well as changing lives of those around him. The tools he learned through F.I.R.E. enabled him to later create his own curriculum, specializing in masculinity and enterperneurship. This year alone he trained about 75 men.

If you want to learn more about how Carl helps men waking up to their full potential, we invite you to tuning into our conversation below!

Firewalking and Changing Lives with Coach Carl Logrecco – Firestarter Podcast

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Our Firewalk Instructor Training (FIT) is four solid days of firewalking, board and brick breaking, snapping arrows and bending rebar with your throat, and a whole lot more. Each activity pushes you more, challenges you greater, until the very end when you will walk 108 firewalks in a row! Since it is a certification training, you will not only participate in the activities, but you will also learn how to safely and confidently facilitate them to anyone. Our Master Firewalk Instructors, who are the world’s best trained in the science and art of  firewalking, will lead you, train you and guide you the entire four days and beyond. 

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