You’ve seen it time and time again. After having a terrible game all night, a champion athlete gets into the zone and pulls their team ahead at the last minute. A business leader walks into a company that’s in shambles and manages to turn an entire corporate culture around faster than anybody thought possible. Those who succeed just somehow seem to turn on special abilities when they need to, leaving competitors in the dust. From the outside looking in, this “killer instinct” to ramp up your performance in high-stakes situations seems like a mystical trait that only a few people possess.

The reality, however, is far different. Many people have the killer instinct deep inside them, but they’ve fallen out of touch with their inner winner. While the reasons for this can vary, we know that what you’re most interested in is how to bring your best to the table every day of your life. Here’s how to tell if your killer instinct is active right now and how to activate it if you’re sick of coming in second.

Do You Hate to Lose?

It’s well established in the world of performance psychology that fear of loss is often a stronger driver of behavior than the anticipation of gain. Some people become physically uncomfortable at the thought of not achieving their objectives, and that drives them to reach deep inside and pull out whatever it takes to find their A-game when it counts.

Doing great things is difficult, and chasing excellence often requires making uncomfortable sacrifices. Do you absolutely hate knowing that you aren’t living up to your potential? Do you hate feeling like that more than you hate missing birthday parties or social events because you’re spending that time mastering your craft? If you’ve been doing what needs to be done in your life without a second thought, then it’s a good bet that the killer instinct is active inside you right now. 

How Aggressively Do You Pursue Your Goals?

Winners stalk their goals in the same way predators stalk prey. The killer instinct isn’t so much about being a jerk to people as it is about bringing uncommon levels of dedication and intensity to your pursuits. The best boxers and UFC fighters, for example, are notoriously disciplined. They live, breathe, sleep, and eat to train and to excel. How long does it take you to remove destructive habits from your life? Part of using your killer instinct is cutting out people and behaviors that you know are dragging you down.

Do You Accelerate When You’re Near the Finish Line?

Those in touch with their killer instinct get more focused as they get closer to completing their mission. Instead of becoming distracted by self-doubt, champions tune out everything but the present moment when the stakes are the highest. If you ever watched a golf tournament when Tiger Woods was in his prime, you would often hear the commentators talk about how Tiger was “in the hunt” heading into the tournament’s final rounds. On more than one occasion, Tiger turned up the heat on the field in the last few holes of play and took the tournament away from whoever was leading. When other players saw him making a final charge, they would often falter while he thrived.

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