Help Others to Feel Empowered by Teaching Them to Walk on Fire

Whatever your focus of service, there is great reward in helping others find empowerment. Walking on fire is one road to self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment, and you can find fulfillment when you help others to find their path.

What Being a Firewalk Instructor Entails

The act of walking on fire is not as simple as stepping onto a layer of burning coals and strolling across them to achieve automatic peace within. The act of firewalking takes special training by an firewalk instructor who loves helping others and has been trained themselves in how to teach firewalking.

Mastering the firewalk itself is only part of what a firewalk instructor can do. After you complete your Firewalk Instructor Training (FIT), you will be able to mentor other instructors and students who you will be teaching to walk on fire. Becoming empowered yourself will allow you more insight into mentoring others in their own path to empowerment and spiritual awakening.

Training to Be a Firewalk Instructor

The opportunity for you to become a firewalk instructor might be offered to you when you are at a crossroads in your life. Perhaps you feel your talents are unappreciated and want to give more than you have been. Or maybe you love a challenge that can help you while helping others. Any of those reasons and more could be why you are at the point in your life where it’s time to train to be a firewalk instructor.

Part of your training to become a firewalk instructor includes physical activities of:

  • Walking across fire and broken glass
  • Breaking boards and bricks with your bare hands
  • Using your throat to break arrows
  • Using your throat to bend steel bars

Other non-physical training includes:

  • Learning how to get past obstacles in your life
  • Relinquishing beliefs that limit you
  • Reaching for goals that might push your comfort level
  • Not letting fear stop you from your goals

Executive Firewalker Instructor Training (EFIT)

Some firewalk instructors find that they want to continue to a higher level of learning and instructing. This course delves more thoroughly into firewalking skills, but it also works on helping you become even more comfortable with yourself in non-firewalk ways. Public speaking is a large part of the EFIT, and it is important to feel safe in your own skin when talking in front of crowds of varying sizes. You will also learn more in-depth marketing skills and various logistics for when you facilitate a firewalk event.

If you are driven to help others become empowered and to reach their full potential, contact us today at Firewalking Institute of Research and Education (F.I.R.E.). We are here to teach you to empower others by becoming a firewalk instructor.